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E visa category

E1, E2 Visa

E1 and E2 visa are a specific category of visas created for citizensof those countries that have treaties and trade alliances with the United States. They are granted to individuals who plan do open up their own business in the United States or those who are already doing a significant amount of business with United States Companies or individuals. Learn More


L-! Visa is usually used by successful entrepreneurs running a medium to large sized business in their home country and is looking at United States as their next success destination. It is also used for employees of a foreign business who possess skills which are unique and essential for the core functions of that business. This category of visa is a dual intent visa which means you are eligible to file for a Green Card in the due course after receiving such visa. Learn More

TN Visa

TN visas are non immigrant visas awarded to Canadian and Mexican citizens as a result of NAFTA. It is a very good alternative to the H1B, L1, and the E visas available to such citizens Learn More

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